Review the Snoopza Phone Keylogger

If you’re planning to use Snoopza phone keylogger it’s a good idea. A phone keylogger is a piece of software that cane used to track a mobile without the knowledge user. Phone keyloggers function in the way a keylogger functions in a PC. The phone keylogger enables you to monitor the activity performed on the target device. These include text messages and calls and more.

What is the application keylogger phone?

The phone keylogger application can be immensely helpful for parents, employers, spouses who skeptical of their husband/wife of performing sleaze.

Whether you’re a parent, employer, spouse or any other entity who are tracking mobiles with a legit objective, Snoopza phone keylogger may be significantly helpful. The incoming and outgoing calls, text messages can be tracked using this software.

How do parents use the application for the Snoopza phone keylogger?

Snoopza phone keylogger is among the best keylogger application for monitoring smartphones. It is the best for parents thanks to its ease and simplicity. When parents start using the keylogger it records pictures taken by the camera, tracks incoming outgoing calls, text messages, MMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messages. Further, parents can also use the app for locating the phone, calendar, and contact.

Phone Keylogger Review

They can access passwords, phone number, and other information. All this happens because each keystroke used is tacked and parents can see it in the log file.

Do you need any special knowledge to install and use the keylogger?

No. Installing Snoopza phone keylogger is simple, easy and faster – takes just a few seconds. To install the app, you need to visit the official website and sign up and create a free online account with your specific email and a password.

Once, you sign up and create an account, log in and install the app from your account on the target phone.

Snoopza Phone Keylogger

once you install the app, you can log into your account on your smartphone connected to the Internet. Now you can know the location of the target device, track messages, calls, text messages, screenshots, and web history and the like.

What parents can control using the Snoopza program

As a parent, once you install the Snoopza phone keylogger in your kids’ you will be able to monitor and track their activities that they perform on the Internet. This will help you take preventive and protective measure to ensure online safety for your kids against online bullying, phishing, getting access to adult content and so on. Using the Snoopza program parents can monitor and track these activities:

Phone keylogger

The phone keylogger records all the logs details and records the conversation details including duration, contract numbers and the like. The keylogger records all the keystrokes and furnishes parents the real script.

Track internet history

The keylogger app tracks all the web activity performed on the target device. Parents can access the Internet history – check the web address, time, date when visited,

Tracking Internet browsing history is a significant advantage for parents. It can help parents preclude disasters that could happen on their kids because of the online activity.


Phone Keylogger

This feature enables parents to know the location of the target phone. They can take precautionary measures and advise the kids in advance to take precautions if any.

Show passwords

The keylogger software shows the passwords used for accessing, emails, social media accounts, and any online accounts on any website that were accessed on the target phone by the child.

Call tracking

The keylogger software furnishes all the details of the calls both outgoing and incoming. It will show even the numbers that children won’t like to share with parents. Children can get stranger call and my keep something unpleasant secret (doing drugs, cigarettes, etc). Snoopza keylogger app will protect children and intruders from bad companies by tracking incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS Management

The Snoopza software monitors and text messages sent and received on the target smartphone. Besides, it furnishes the MMS received and sent, those on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook. All this will help parents take necessary precautions against any danger because of the cybercrime.

How to use Snoopza legally?

As a parent, you are concerned to protect your children from the evil effects of the Internet. It is, of course, your duty as well as a moral responsibility to take necessary precautionary measures such as taking measures such as installing the keylogger that we’re discussing.

Though it is legit to track and monitor your kids’ smartphones, you should take it enough care while dealing with the issue. This is especially if you’re planning to use the Snoopza for your teen kid. You cannot afford to alienate them.

Advise them the harmful effects of indiscriminate browsing of the Internet and revealing the personal details such as mobile number, email accounts, and other sensitive data. Help them understand the importance of their tracking and monitoring by you. This will help strengthen your relationship with them.

Snoopza Pricing Policy

PlanBasic PlanStandard
1 monthFree$9.95
1 yearFree$99.95

Snoopza keylogger is an economical phone tracking software. The basic version is free.


The basic version tracks call, manages SMS, tracks Internet browsing history and Geolocation features.


The standard version is priced at $9.95 for one month. The other offer is $99.95 for 12 months.

The standard version offers the features offered in the basic version and along with this, the additional features that are offered include, call records, Facebook spy, Snapchat spy. WhatsApp Spy, Screenshots, Check contacts, Track To do List, Stealth mode, Track camera and detecting replacement of SIM.


Snoopza phone keylogger is one of the cheapest, simplest, hassle-free, and easy-t-use phone tracking app. It offers diverse features. It will work best whether you are a parent, employer, professional or a disgruntled spouse, the app will help you immensely in your objective of tracking and monitoring the target device. You can keep the app in the stealth mode so that the target phone user is oblivious of being tracked. Keeping the phone in stealth mode will help get the real picture on the circumstances.

It’s also important to take note that it should be used with proper and adequate precaution. Or, it will create undesirable/embarrassing situations let alone solve the problem. If you’re an employer ensure to take proper legal advice before using Snoopza phone keylogger on the smartphones of your employees.

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